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Bell Tele is active in a number of IT related field. The company offers the following services:
Contents for Services are as follows.

We provide the following Broadband Services -

Dark Fiber Network

A dark fiber network or simply dark network is a privately operated optical fiber network that is run directly by its operator over dark fiber leased or purchased from another supplier, rather than by purchasing bandwidth or leased line capacity.

Dark Fiber Network for Business houses

Dark Fiber networks may be used for private networking or as Internet access or Internet infrastructure networking. Dark Fiber networks may be point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or use self-healing ring or mesh topologies.

BELL’s network infrastructure is appropriate for catalyzing the growth of the Internet and networking in an infrastructure starved market. The Architecture of this Network is constructed in such a way that it is connecting all the MSU’s of Major Telco’s, POI’s and the existing Tower infrastructures of various operators. BELL has its own Network Operation Centre (NOC) centrally located in MG Road and monitored 24 / 7.

Bell has also deployed dedicated patrolling teams who physically monitor to avoid any damages being caused due to civil activities done by other agencies.

BELL has professionally experienced GIS and AutoCAD Teams Documenting this Network and supporting the Operations Team for day to day activities.

BELL takes the responsibility of extending the Last miles for the customers who ventures for business and delivers it with delighted commitments keeping quality standards to the best in the Industry.

Functional Advantages of Dark Fiber Network

Because there is no intermediate resale of capacity, dark Fiber networks can operate using the latest optical protocols using wavelength division multiplexing to add capacity where needed, and to provide an upgrade path between technologies without removing the network from service.

They offer very high price-performance for network users who require high performance, such as Google which has dark network capacities for video and search data, or wish to operate their own network for security or other commercial reasons.

However, dark Fiber networks are generally only available in high-population-density areas where Fiber has already been laid, as the civil engineering costs of installing Fiber to new locations is often prohibitive. For these reasons, dark Fiber networks are typically run between data centers and other places with existing Fiber infrastructure.

A Network- A Company—You Can Depend On

By the way of acquisition and self deployment, BELL has the 4th largest underground Optic Fiber networks measuring 1400Kms across Bangalore which is one of the largest networks in Bangalore. BELL has been accredited with IP-1 license and is the only service provider in its domain that provides customers with end-to-end connectivity services which includes network integration as well as managed services. This unique combination of own network and services is what distinguishes Bell from its competitors.

Internet Service Provider

An Internet service provider (ISP, also called Internet access provider) is a business or organization that offers users access to the Internet and related services.

We at BELL offer internet access services to users across businesses and related services. We are proud to have happy customers base of 200 ranging from Enterprises to small and medium businesses from the past 7 years.

We are glad to say that we have customers across nook and corners of Bangalore providing services through a wide range of Cable TV Network Operators who provide Internet services to the Cable TV subscribers and this is continuously growing at a good pace. This has helped us to grow our support team to a larger size catering to a wide geography in Bangalore.

Our Key strengths

We enjoy working relationships with almost all Internet Gateway service providers in the country. We have built a fully redundant Internet backbone to ensure high network availability to our enterprise customers.

Our own robust OFC Infrastructure has attracted long term corporate tie-ups with multiple service providers for which we are happy and proud about.

Our infrastructure strength ensures that our services are fully reliable to provide backend connectivity support for customers critical applications. We are the only stand alone ISP having our own OFC infrastructure.

Our Internet Services are unique from others.

BELL Teleservices with its robust underground network has launched its own Internet Services branded as METRONET. The main focus is to across the businesses catering to Corporates / Enterprises, SME, SOHO and individual home users.

We have been catering to the networking and Internet Bandwidth requirements of the domestic enterprise market and we offer the state-of-the-art Managed Network Services to enterprises across all verticals.

The range of customers helps us to optimize and keep our customers happy with a good uptime when there are unforeseen incidents or accidents that would cause physical damage to the network cable. Our mobile service squad is one of the best in class equipped with gears and mobility with a round the clock service to ensure continuous uptime.


Data Center

A data centre is a dedicated space where companies can keep and operate most of the ICT infrastructure that supports their business. This would be the servers and storage equipment that run application software and process and store data and content. For some companies this might be a simple cage or rack of equipment, for others it could be a room housing a few or many cabinets, depending on the scale of their operation.

Advantages of a Data Center

Thanks to the development of computer networks and particularly internet, and considering the organizations’ fast movement towards integrated information, the need for a secure space to manage information such as saving, classifying, retrieving, and disseminating the information through speedy communications is acutely felt.

To make this materialize, organizations are using datacenters services (IDC). Three main elements of datacenters consist of: 1- hardware (servers, switches, routers, modems, and network utilities) 2- utilities required for environmental controls (including temperature control, humidity, Closed Circuit Cameras, and fire alarms) 3- Information security (such as using hardware and software and security procedures and the appropriate network design for this purpose to materialize)

The results of a survey conducted in 330 large companies in the world shows that the datacenter users give the first priority to IT Security and second to the Business Continuity the requirement of which is the uninterrupted power supply, reliable bandwidth, suitable hardware and software, efficient staff, and appropriate organizational procedures. Considering the necessity for transferring the webhosting related services of the websites from abroad to inside the country to ensure the information confidentiality and to eliminate the country’s dependence on the foreigners in this regard, it would be quite necessary for organizations and the companies of the public and the private sector to be able to use the developed datacenter services from within the country.

Presently, the companies and the organizations use one of the three following methods to save their information and applications:

  • Use foreign datacenter services.
  • Keep servers within their organizations.
  • Use domestic datacenter services.

We support end to end requirement of Data Center supporting 24 x 7 with High Security and help organisation cut costs.

Metronet also provides the following Services -

Internet Leased Line

Metronet provides integrated end to end dedicated Internet bandwidth solutions for Corporates with a range of products and services delivered on its own last mile optic fiber infrastructure and offers very high uptime on the last mile with stringent SLA.



Provides cost effective with lightning speed and highly reliable Broadband services on next generation technology to its home and small business customers for their day to day internet needs.


Broadband with LCO’s

Metronet in collaboration with Local Cable operators (LCO) offers simple and convenient usage based prepaid tariffs that make internet access more affordable in price with lightening speed.


Wi -Fi

Metronet specializes in providingsecured and high speed Wi – Fi internet access to its users with user friendly prepaid plans at Hotels,Malls, Commercial Complexes, Hospitals,Educational Institutions,Cafes and Residential Complexes etc.



Cost effective and uninterrupted online VoIP Services by partnering with world’s leading service providers who have


Data Centre

Metronet offers T 3 data centre services with solutions like co- locations,hosting,storage and managed services with multiple power sources,with stand by temperature controllers and Redundant Bandwidth for un interrupted services with 24 /7 monitoring team.


Optic Fiber Network

Metronet has the 4 th largest underground Optic Fiber Networks covering in and around Bangalore.We manage the OFC Network with in –house expertise team.


Bandwidth On Demand

Metronet provides on demand internet bandwidth for Conferences,Exhibitions,Events and Seminars etc.


Video Conference Facility

Metronet provides on demand platform for Video Conference Facility.



You order, we Deliver. Get connected to the world within 72 hours.


Network Solutions

Metronet has state of art technical capability to execute LAN and WAN solutions for its corporate customers.It has strategic tie - up with all international network equipment manufacturers for implementing the projects.


Quality Advantage

Metronet has highly skilled and experienced on ground team lead by industry veterans in providing robust project management to ensure timely delivery backed by efficient systems and process to maintain quality.



Our full meshed structure network ensures robustness and guaranteeing an uptime of 99.9999 % on the network.


Quality of Service

Through its continuous surveillance and protection of the OFC network on 27 /7 basis,Metornet offers least MTTR(Mean Time to Restore).


Customer Care

Metronet offers 27 /7 interactive customer care.Our customer care takes the initiative and proactively responds to the customer needs. Equipped with advanced network management systems,Metronet’s customer care center working in tandem with its operations team.



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